Royal Match and Online Poker are two very different types of card games, both in terms of the game rules, objectives and strategies required. Here are some basic differences between the two:

Game Type:

Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game, in which the player must match three or more of the same symbols to remove them from the board and earn points. As far as I know up to the point of my knowledge (September 2021), Royal Match is also a mobile game that combines elements of interior design or decoration with match-3 gameplay.
Online Poker is a digital version of the traditional poker card game, where players bet based on the strength of the card combination they hold. The main objective is to win the bet by having the best card combination or by making the other players drop out of the game.
Game Goal:

The objective of Royal Match is to complete a level by achieving a certain objective, such as accumulating a certain number of points or clearing the board in a limited number of moves.
The aim of Online Poker is to win money or chips from other players, either by having the best card combination or by tricking other players through bluffing strategies and tactics.

Strategy Royal Match mainly focuses on solving puzzles. Players have to carefully plan their moves to complete the level.
Online Poker Strategy involves an in-depth analysis of odds, psychology and skill in understanding your opponent’s tactics. This includes when to bet, when to fold, and when to bluff.
Lucky Components:

In Royal Match, the initial arrangement of the board and the type of items dropped can greatly affect a player’s ability to complete a level, so there is an element of luck involved.
In Online Poker, even though there is an element of luck in the cards that are dealt, the long-term decisions and strategies made by players have a large impact on the final result.

Royal Match is generally a mobile game designed to be played on a smartphone or tablet.
Online Poker can be played on various platforms, including mobile devices, desktops, and via websites.
Theme and Aesthetics:

Royal Matches usually have a brighter and more colorful theme, often with story or character elements.
Online Poker usually has a more serious and realistic look, imitating a casino atmosphere.
As such, while both games involve the use of cards (albeit metaphorically in Royal Match), they differ greatly in terms of rules, strategy, objectives, and style of play.

Each game has its own advantages and charms that set it apart from the others. Here are some of the advantages of “Royal Match” and “Online Poker”:

Royal Match Advantages:
Relaxing and Entertaining:

These games are generally relaxing and can be played without a lot of stress, making them a great choice for relaxation and entertainment.
Puzzle Challenge:
Royal Match presents various levels with increasing challenges as players progress. It gives a sense of accomplishment when difficult levels are completed.
Design and Aesthetics:
These games usually have colorful and attractive graphics, which can attract players of all ages.
Can Be Played Offline:
Several games of this type allow players to continue playing even when they are not connected to the internet.
Progress and Development:
Royal Matches often have a progression element that allows players to build or decorate certain areas, giving players a sense of accomplishment and purpose to keep playing.
Advantages of Online Poker:
Capability and Strategy:
Poker is a game that relies heavily on skill and strategy, and it can be very satisfying for players who enjoy a mental challenge.
Social interaction:
Online Poker allows players to compete with other players around the world, thus enabling social interaction, even if virtually.
Potential To Make Money:
In contrast to many other games, online poker gives players the opportunity to win real money, which is a strong attraction.
Convenience and Accessibility:
Online Poker can be played anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, making it easily accessible and convenient.
Game Varieties:
There are many variations of poker that can be played online, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, so players can choose the style that best suits them.
In short, Royal Match tends to appeal more to players looking for a relaxing and entertaining experience, with self-solving puzzle challenges. Online Poker, on the other hand, tends to appeal more to those looking for a more serious and competitive mental challenge, as well as social interaction and the potential to win real money.

The two games offer very different experiences, so the strengths of one may not be relevant to someone who prefers the other. In the end, the choice of the best game comes down to each player’s personal preference.

The conditions for playing “Royal Match” and “Online Poker” may vary depending on the platforms and countries in which the games are available. However, below I explain the general conditions that are usually required to play these two types of games:

Royal Match Requirements:
Compatible Devices:

Royal Match is usually played on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Players need to have a device that is compatible with that version of the game.
Internet Connection (Sometimes):

Although some versions of the game allow players to play offline, updates and other features may require an internet connection.
Minimum Age:

While Royal Match is generally aimed at all ages, there is a minimum age that is usually set for the use of apps, such as 4 years and above or according to the app’s age rating on app stores.
Memory Availability:

Players need to have enough memory on their devices to download and install games.
Online Poker Requirements:
Legal Age:

Because online poker often involves real money, players must usually be over the legal age (e.g. 18 or 21, depending on country) to participate.
Stable Internet Connection:

To play online poker, players need a stable internet connection.
Compatible Devices:

Players need a device (computer, smartphone, tablet) that is compatible with the online poker platform they choose.
Accounts on the Poker Platform:

Players must register and create an account on the online poker website or app of their choosing.
Capital / Money:

If players wish to participate in poker games for real money, they will need to deposit money into their account.
Identity Verification:

In order to play poker for real money, many sites require identity verification, which can include verification of email addresses, telephone numbers, and legal documents such as passports or ID cards.
Understanding of the Rules:

While this is not an official requirement, a good understanding of poker rules and strategy is essential to compete effectively.
Country/Territory Policies:

In some countries or regions, online poker may be restricted or regulated by law. Players need to ensure that they are entitled to play online poker according to local laws.
Please note that specific terms and conditions may vary between apps or websites, so it is always important to read the terms and conditions before starting a game.

The advantages of playing “Royal Match” and “Online Poker” may vary depending on individual preferences, but here are some general advantages that players are likely to find from these two types of play:

Royal Match Advantages:
Relaxation and Stress Reduction:

Spending time with a relaxing puzzle game, such as Royal Match, can help reduce stress and provide a sense of relaxation.
Brain Training:

Puzzle games can train the brain, improve problem-solving skills, concentration and attention.
Delightful Visual Experience:

Royal Matches often have colorful and eye-catching graphic designs, which can provide an enjoyable visual experience.
Structured Progress:

Clear progress through different levels provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose, encouraging players to constantly improve their skills.
No Time Committed:

Royal Match can be played in short or long sessions, making it a flexible option depending on the time available.
Advantages of Online Poker:
Skills and Strategy:

Playing poker requires and exercises skills such as strategy, psychology and decision making, which can be very fulfilling and even beneficial in everyday life.
Outreach and Community:

Online Poker allows players to interact with others, either directly through chat or indirectly through participation in the larger community.
Earning Potential:

In contrast to many other games, online poker gives players the chance to win real money, which can be a powerful incentive to play.
Convenience and Accessibility:

Online poker can be played anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, making it very accessible and convenient for players who can’t or don’t want to go to a physical casino.
Game Varieties:

Online poker offers a wide variety of game types and formats, allowing players to find the style and level of stakes that best suit them.
Opportunities to Learn and Sharpen Skills:

With a variety of resources, tutorials, and low stakes or even free games, online poker provides a great environment to learn and improve skills without significant financial risk.
Keep in mind that these advantages can vary from player to player. While one player may find online poker an interesting way to hone strategy and earning potential, another may enjoy more the relaxation and entertainment offered by a game like Royal Match. Poker Online of a game really depends on what players are looking for from their playing experience.